Special Education is a program-planning option that allows parents, educators, and students, when appropriate, an opportunity to sit down and determine an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) which includes specially designed instruction to meet the needs of students qualifying for services.

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The Oroville School District is required by WAC 392-172A-02040 to inform the community of the Special Education Services and programs available within the district.  The State of Washington defines special needs as having concerns with: developmental delays, vision, hearing, health, communication skills, academic performance, social-emotional status, general intelligence, motor abilities, autism, traumatic brain injury, transition services or other disabilities.  
People with children from birth to age 21, who have any of these conditions are encouraged to contact building principals at the school where your child would attend or contact the Special Education Director.  
Oroville Elementary Principal - Bonny Theis - 509-476-3332
Oroville Middle/High School Principal - Linda Achondo - 509-476-3612
Special Education Director - Kelly King - 509-476-2281