Learning Assistance program(LAP)

Oroville Elementary Learning Assistance Program (LAP)

The purpose of LAP is to accelerate the achievement of students performing below grade level by providing supplement academic support.

Oroville School District uses LAP resources to support elementary students at risk of not meeting the state's performance standards in reading, writing and math.  Students are identified for support using district assessments. 

 LAP services are offered in addition to regular classroom instruction. The intervention team coordinates, with classroom teachers, to provide supplemental services to students, based on the varying needs.  The team works to support students in varying delivery models that may include small groups, push-in support and/or pull-out support. 

How to support your student's learning
Read every day with your child
Attend parent teacher conferences
Assist your child with school work and/or learning activities
Participate in school events
Volunteer at your child's school
Engage your child in conversation about what they are learning